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Health Breaks employee wellbeing hub has all the motivation and inspiration to get you started for the year ahead with an energetic spirit.

Welcome to Health Breaks 2022

We are excited to be bringing you new and exciting experiences to keep you feeling healthy and well throughout the year. We’ve all had a bumpy 2 years with COVID and an unsettling start to the new year. But we are not prepared to be dragged down or held back for another year. It’s time to live a life you know you want. Part of this new life is staying as healthy and well as possible, in mind, body and community.

Hit Refresh
Gain all the motivation and inspiration you need to start the year with an energetic spirit. Our Hit Refresh program encourages you to set personal health targets to wipe off the dust and start anew. 

The self-guided or coach-led (you choose) will lift your spirits and transport you forward to a healthier space in your life.

Week 1 includes health checks and guidance for setting your wellbeing rituals and targets. We will feature your physical health, and guide you toward a daily practice for mindful movement, daily stretches and weekly strength routines.

Week 2 sets you on track for mental wellness. You will be inspired to adopt daily short practice to refresh your mind and nurture your mental wellbeing.

Week 3 guides you with hydration and healthy eating targets. Small daily rituals will pay big dividends this year – you will feel the difference in your body and mind.

Week 4 sets you up for ongoing peer support. 

Access the Playlist: Refresh Here  

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How do you provide mental health support to co-workers?
Mental Health problems affect all of us at some stage in our lives. Like our physical health, mental health fluctuates in response to different circumstances and events in our lives. At times we need extra and professional help to recover but many people can still feel reluctant to ask for help. That’s where supervisors, team leaders and managers come in. Recognising signs and symptoms in yourself and others that something is wrong and help is needed is the first step. Being able to talk about mental health is another important step. Then knowing the types of support available is the next step.
On Health Breaks app, our Mentally Well Program provides a range of educational presentations and resources to help you gain a good understanding of mental wellness in the workplace. You’ll also find a range of preventative resources and activities, such as 3 minute breathing activities, positivity exercises and meditations vital to nurture your mental wellbeing – just as you would look after your physical health.
Leaders are also invited to request access to the training course: 

Provide Mental Health Assistance – For Leaders.

Your Health and Wellbeing Calendar – 1st Quarter
Each month we place the spotlight on a focus area of your health and wellbeing. Our calendar highlights programs and Pods on Health Breaks app as well as Nationally recognised health and wellbeing days to celebrate and acknowledge in your workplace.
Download the full calendar here.

Health Coaching

For members of Health Breaks:

Your organisation aims to support your health and wellbeing any way they can. Sometimes having a private and confidential talk with a Health Coach can help you with any problems you are facing, at work and beyond.

Book in for a 15min chat to start with and we can work on a plan together.

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