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Welcome to Health Breaks 2022

Creating a healthy workplace that supports the wellbeing of all its people starts with the environment. If people are reminded about how to stay healthy, and if they are given the right tools, then they are more likely to adopt healthy behaviours.

We are always thinking about how to make health and wellbeing easier to access for everyone. That’s why we developed the Workplace Health Promotion Kit.

The Health Promotion Kit is great for HR departments and Health and Safety reps as well as team leaders to promote areas of wellbeing to their colleagues. It’s a great way to find out what resources are available and how easy it is to fit health and wellbeing into your working day. 

Click the image below to request your Kit to download and save on your desktop.

Hit Refresh
As we kick off our Hit Refresh program for 2022, we are excited to be joined by our clients on a journey to explore how people can move along their own personal scale from a degree of stagnation or languishing into a state of flourishing. We are utilising the well-acclaimed PERMA model (Seligman 1998) of positive psychology along with crucial lifestyle health behaviours that promote a state of positive wellbeing (SEW). The 3 targets participants need to meet are 8 hours of sleep, daily exercise and 8 glasses of water. In addition, we promote social support between participants by rewarding them for sending each other supportive messages and posting positivity photos and images to share inspiration.

What better way to move forward after a difficult 2 years for workplaces?

The Hit Refresh Program is centered around developing and sustaining a positivity mindset. As a starting point, it’s worthwhile looking at what happiness is and how we achieve it. Is happiness simply the absence of negative emotions? For instance, if we rid ourselves of anger, guit, envy and even stress, does it automatically make us feel happiness instead? Removing negative emotions is uesful in moving us from -5 to 0. But moving from 0-5 requires more. If we explore how we can feel more positive emotions, be engaged in what we do, nurture good relationships, find meaning in our life and achieve our goals, we can move into more of a flourishing state. This is enhanced through adopting healthy behaviours like sleep, exercise and drinking adequate water. 

On the Employee Wellbeing Hub this week we are featuring a different Health Break experience for each weekday. Enjoy your daily mood boost and brain break with the selection of deep breathing, stretching, exercise and healthy eating activities.


Visit here daily so you don’t miss a thing. We are enhancing the Hub with new and exciting features this year so we will keep you posted on all the updates! 

To access, use the password provided by your Employer or email us: contact@healthbreaks.com.au

How do you provide mental health support to co-workers?
Mental Health problems affect all of us at some stage in our lives. Like our physical health, mental health fluctuates in response to different circumstances and events in our lives. At times we need extra and professional help to recover but many people can still feel reluctant to ask for help. That’s where supervisors, team leaders and managers come in. Recognising signs and symptoms in yourself and others that something is wrong and help is needed is the first step. Being able to talk about mental health is another important step. Then knowing the types of support available is the next step.
On Health Breaks app, our Mentally Well Program provides a range of educational presentations and resources to help you gain a good understanding of mental wellness in the workplace. You’ll also find a range of preventative resources and activities, such as 3 minute breathing activities, positivity exercises and meditations vital to nurture your mental wellbeing – just as you would look after your physical health.
Leaders are also invited to request access to the training course: 

Provide Mental Health Assistance – For Leaders.

Your Health and Wellbeing Calendar – 1st Quarter
Each month we place the spotlight on a focus area of your health and wellbeing. Our calendar highlights programs and Pods on Health Breaks app as well as Nationally recognised health and wellbeing days to celebrate and acknowledge in your workplace.
Download the full calendar here.

Health Coaching

For members of Health Breaks:

Your organisation aims to support your health and wellbeing any way they can. Sometimes having a private and confidential talk with a Health Coach can help you with any problems you are facing, at work and beyond.

Book in for a 15min chat to start with and we can work on a plan together.

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