Health Breaks Stories:
Case Study 2

Our clients share how using Health Breaks affects their wellbeing.

Here’s Chris’ story


Health Breaks is on a mission to inspire people to integrate health and wellbeing into their normal work or study day. Rather than having to ‘find the time’ separate from work, school and Uni, people can weave healthy break times into their regular day whenever and wherever it suits them. With the help of Health Breaks app, we facilitate this daily practice. The app features something for everyone, whether it’s taking a 2 minute breather, performing a 5 minute stretch to relieve tension, learn something about healthy eating or performing a 7 minute workout, the resources are there and waiting.

As good as we think this is, just what is it like to actually do this?

We ask our clients to share their stories and here is Christian’s.

Christian Carthew  is Manager Marketing, Sales and Business Development at Rae-Line.

Health Breaks has been delivering health and wellbeing services to Rae-Line (a manufacturing company) since 2017 (under parent company Enact Health Group) with an emphasis on injury prevention programs.  Health Breaks app was introduced to the company in early 2020 as an extension of these health and wellbeing and injury prevention programs. Health Breaks app extended our reach across the workplace, facilitating both structured, organised breaks as well as facilitating personal use by employees at work and beyond. Rae-Line has taken a whole-business approach in establishing two structured break times daily. During this time, everyone stops and participates in a 3 minute stretch and strength routine focusing on a specific region of the body. To support more areas of personal health, breather breaks and healthy food breaks  have been introduced and fully embraced.

Chris has been a keen participant and has encouraged his office-based team to join in. Here is what he has to share.

HB: Can you take us on your personal journey, and tell us about your experiences with the Health Breaks program?

Chris: The Health Breaks dashboard and leader board contributed to us grabbing hold and creating a consistent Health Break at least once per day, sometimes we manage two. Our small team enjoys the short break and stretch before morning tea each day. I also do one on the weekends and involve the kids too.

HB: What are the main benefits you felt with Health Breaks activities? 

Chris: We mainly use the exercise Pods and enjoy stretching and activating parts of our bodies that we don’t trigger much. We have also used the breathing Pods when and if we are having a stressful day.

HB: Have you noticed any changes in yourself and others since commencing the Health Breaks program?

Chris: I think it has contributed to our small team getting a little closer, a common task and focus. It’s nice to break the day up a little too. We often have a little laugh as we celebrate ticking off the daily Pod.

HB: Has the program made a difference to the way in which you approach your working days?

Chris: The leader board drove us to commit and find a way to get together for a Pod. We try not to leave anyone behind and include everyone.

HB: Has Health Breaks transcended and impacted you beyond the workplace?

Chris: Yes, I do find that on most of my days off I find time to do a quick Pod. I am going to look a little deeper into the wide range of Pods that are available. Loads of good stuff in there. I mainly stick to the stretching and breathing to this point.

Rae-Line has been a great example of how Health Breaks works in a diverse workplace and compliments the full health and wellbeing program we offer. Showing that there is something on Health Breaks app for everyone, from factory to office workers, demonstrates the breadth of the resources available and the adaptability of the program. Rae-Line has been a fantatsic company to work with, as they prioritise the health and wellbeing of their people and lead from the top when it comes to participating in programs to support personal, team and company-wide health.

We hope that other similar organisations can feel confident in also adopting this positive and proactive example to creating a healthy workplace environment for its people.