Health Coaching Packages

Coaching Packages for Executives & Employees

Health Breaks coaching services supports clients to live and work at their best and thrive. 

Our Coaching Packages compliment the Health Breaks program by personalising health outcomes for managers and their employees.

We pride ourselves on our ability to build trustworthy partnerships, while being subject-matter experts in all areas of health and wellbeing. 

What we are great at

Health Breaks digital solutions is a fantastic tool for facilitating daily healthy behaviours. 

But people also need human connection. That’s what truly makes people thrive. 

Our Health Coaching service fulfill this need. 

Engaging with senior leaders to build their capability to role model and prioritise wellbeing for themsleves and their teams

Building trust and support to empower people to take proactive steps toward building and maintaining holistic wellbeing

Checking-in to keep individuals accountable to their personal goals while reminding them that their wellbeing is our priority

Being adaptable and flexibile to respond to individual needs. Supporting individuals through phases of change and through varying priorities.

Our senior health partners

Rich and diverse backgrounds in corporate health and wellbeing, fitness and health education, high performance coaching and business leadership positions our coaches as trusted partners in your health and wellbeing

Coaching Packages can be purchased with Health Breaks Subscriptions or on their own.

All packages can be adapted to include Executive Health Coaching, group or personal health coaching for multiple individuals acrosss your organisation

Choose your package

Health Coaching Only

10 hours of coaching monthly
$ 2000 Per Month
  • *10 hours coaching monthly

health breaks subscription plus

$ 1000 Per Month + Subscription
  • *10 hours coaching
  • *Full access to Health Breaks Platform

Health breaks subscription plus

Extra Coaching
$ 1850 Per Month + Subscription
  • *20 hours of coaching
  • *Full access to Health Breaks Platform

Join the 4 week challenge with coaching support

Kick start 2021


Follow the meal plan and food tips to reduce inflammation, lose excess weight and boost energy levels.


Perform the right type of exercise at the right time to support your gut health and energy levels. Follow the Playlist and complete Pods for improved fitness, strength and vitality.

healthy habits

Manage and relieve stress through guided stretches, breathing exercises, yoga and Pilates. Learn how sleep, hydration, caffeine and alcohol effect your gut and your overall mental and physical health.