Healthy Insights

I’ve set goals but nothing changes

Why setting goals may not lead to taking action How ready are you to make the changes to your health that you would like to? Health Breaks Sometimes there’s a gap between what we want to achieve and actually doing something about it. Often intentions do not align with actions. This can be due to your…
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4 family-friendly activities you can do to break up your work/study day

Working remotely blurs the lines between work life and family life. At times when the whole family is sharing a study/work space, here are some fun activities that can bring the family together in a healthy and energising way.

How to improve your focus for work and study

Working or studying for long stretches without breaks leads to stress and exhaustion. Taking breaks refreshes the mind, replenishes your mental resources, and helps you become more creative. Switching off opens the mind ……why? Let’s take a look at how our brains work. The prefrontal cortex (PFC) is the thinking part of your brain. It is active for goal-oriented work…
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Go Green

Within a whisper that this current lockdown was looming, the long queues out the front of butchers and the empty meat shelves in the supermarket had everyone in a frenzy. “What are we going to do with out meat??”. So here’s our chance to collectively reach, and even smash, the national recommendation for vegetable intake.…
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How to Reduce Stress from Media Overload (COVID-19)

Have you noticed a new level of exhaustion we are all feeling? The sensation of being ‘on-edge’ and anxious about being exposed? Are you wondering about the toll this is taking on your wellbeing? While there are things we ‘need to know’ about COVID-19, there are some things we are better off not being exposed…
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Have you tried progressive muscle relaxation to relieve stress?

Muscle tension is commonly associated with stress, anxiety and fear as part of a process that helps our bodies prepare for potentially dangerous situations; the ‘fight or flight’ response. Ongoing stress leads to chronic tension, resulting in aches, pain and other symptoms like headache and a lack of focus. Often, we don’t even notice the…
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How to encourage your employees to be healthy without the down time

I remember overhearing a friend of mine invite a potential date to an exercise class at work. Upon receiving this enticing invitation, he promptly replied ‘I don’t have the time’ to which my friend replied ‘it’s 2o clock’. He then explained ‘no, I don’t have the time to exercise!’. After we shared a laugh over…
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How to avoid the festive blow-out!

Festive gatherings with friends and family mean indulging in our all-time favourites. Think stuffed turkey, roast potatoes, plum pudding, gingerbread, trifle, cream and pavlova. There’s nothing to say we can’t enjoy all these foods. However, over-indulging can cause us to gain weight, suffer indigestion and lead us down a path of ill-health.
Here are some easy strategies that may be helpful.

Feeling stressed and burnt-out? Maybe it’s time to take a break…

Stress and burnout are two of the most common causes of absenteeism in the workplace and unless managed, can lead to mental illnesses that cost individuals, the community and your business. Like any overloaded muscle in our body, rest and recovery of your brain is essential for sustained mental performance. The value of taking a…
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