We partner with businesses to create healthy workplace programs which are designed to support individuals and teams, encouraging them to thrive at work and beyond. Investing in workplace health and wellbeing programs will not only benefit employees, but the business as well. We use a combination of innovative strategies to champion the most effective wellness initiatives in the workplace.

We deliver a customised health and wellbeing program to support and inspire individuals and teams to thrive at work and beyond.

We take an holistic approach to deliver mental, physical, food and social wellbeing programs.

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  • Team Challenge: Challenge Yourself

    A 30-day team building challenge for your organisation. Participants choose their challenge daily and commit to a daily stretch, strength, mindfulness or high intensity activity to earn a Streak. Teams who reach 21 points in the 30 days go into the prize draw to win something for themselves to share or a dontation to their chosen Charity.

    Comes with full access to Health Breaks App.

    The Challenge Playlist features stretches, strength workouts, cardio routines, breathing and meditation Pods and team leaderboard and personal health dashboard.

    Requires a Health Breaks App membership.

  • Team Challenge: Step it Up Challenge

    A 30-day team challenge for your organisation. Participants are challenged to complete 10,000 steps a day plus adopt the healthy behaviours for high performance – drinking water, eating fruit and veg, daily physical activity and sleep.

    Requires Health Breaks App Membership.

    Comes with Step it Up Challenge Playlist of stretches, strength workouts, cardio routines, breathing and meditation Pods and more.

  • Daily Brain Breaks: Active and Calm Breaks

    Studies show that structured brain breaks that focus on movement or deep breathing positively impact health and wellbeing.

    This package includes a program of healthy, structured brain breaks for active bodies and calm minds, including 2-10 min exercise and breathing activities.

    Active Breaks: stretching, yoga, Pilates, core and stability, strength and cardio routines to boost physical health and reduce the negative impact of prolonged sitting.

    Calm Breaks: deep breathing exercises, positivity, yoga, mindfulness, amd mental wellbeing activities.

    Comes with full access to Health Breaks App.

    Requires a Health Breaks App membership.

  • Team Challenge: Healthy Gut, Well Mind

    A healthy gut is linked to a healthy brain. A healthy brain means better performence in work and life and who doesn’t want that!?

    Boost brain health and reduce inflammation with our Healthy Gut Team Challenge for your organisation.

    Inspired by the MIND diet (Mediterannean-DASH Intervention for Neurodegenerative Delay) and the Mediterrannean philosophy of eating, this program provides you with healthy nutrition education, weekly meal plans, and shopping lists. You will also have healthy lifestyle targets for exercise, mindfulness and sleep to enhance the health benefits of the program.

    Requires a health Breaks membership.

  • Daily Stretch & Mindfulness Program

    Promoting calm minds and relaxed bodies with this team mindfulness program. Maintaining flexibility helps relieve stress and tension stored in muscles and helps to prevent falls and injury. Stretching in the workplace as groups is a great way for people to connect in a healthy way at the start of a work day, before meetings or for a mid-afternoon break.

    The Program includes a different stretch routine (from 2-10 mins) for each day as well as fun Spinners for people to use in groups for team building activities.

    Comes with 3 month access to Health Breaks App.

  • Mentally Well Program

    Mental health is something that effects all of us. Maintaining positive mental health requires ongoing investment and self management. This program includes progressive training for self-management of personal mental wellbeing, building positivity into each day, managing emotions and improving sleep.

    Includes a wide range of 5 min guided meditations and breathing exercises for daily practice.

    Comes with 3 month access to Health Breaks App.

  • Nutrition & Food Consultant


    A nutrition and food consultant helps employees manage weight, adopt healthy eating behaviours and achieve positive gut health.

    We can help your employees with:

    • Healthy eating advice
    • Creating a healthy eating environment
    • Meal Plans and Gut Health advice
    • Weight Loss/Weight Management Advice/Programs
    • Healthy Food Relationships
    • Healthy Recipes and Cooking Skills

    Book your 10 hour /month package (can be used by one person or multiple people for 10 hours of pre-paid appointments over a 3 month minimum) – $1000/month with paid Health Breaks Subscription*