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  • Daily Brain Breaks: Active and Calm Breaks

    Studies show that structured brain breaks that focus on movement or deep breathing positively impact health and wellbeing.

    This package includes a program of healthy, structured brain breaks for active bodies and calm minds, including 2-10 min exercise and breathing activities.

    Active Breaks: stretching, yoga, Pilates, core and stability, strength and cardio routines to boost physical health and reduce the negative impact of prolonged sitting.

    Calm Breaks: deep breathing exercises, positivity, yoga, mindfulness, amd mental wellbeing activities.

    Comes with full access to Health Breaks App.

    Requires a Health Breaks App membership.

  • Sale!

    Brain Breaks: Calm Breaks

    $1,350.00 $750.00

    3 month’s access to 5-min Pods for stress relief and mental wellbeing.

    The program includes a Playslist of multi-media Pods including videos, infographs, fliers, image galleries, fact sheets, activity sheets and surveys. The 12-week program includes the topics:

    1. What is stress and how to manage stress
    2. Happiness and Positivity Exercises x 4
    3. Breathing and Meditation Exercises x 10
    4. Gratitude and Mindfulness Activities x 2
    5. Empathy and Kindness Activities x 2
    6. Expressing Your Emotions and Talking About Stress

    Sale price of $250/month for 3 months for Schools and Workplaces