Active and Calm kids

Sitting for long periods can lead to negative health outcomes both physically and mentally.
Exercise and movement breaks inspire students to move more and sit less. Our Active Kids Playlist guides 2-10min movement breaks for physical and mental wellbeing. Students learn that stretching and energy breaks can be a normal part of their day.
Breathing and positive wellbeing breaks help students to refocus, build self-awareness and improve concentration. Our Calm Kids Playlist guides 2-5min mood-boosting breathing, positivity and meditation breaks, specifically designed for student wellbeing.

Healthy Senior Students

Students and teachers are increasingly suffering with stress, anxiety and mental struggles.
Physical activity and positive wellbeing breaks help students to refocus, build self-awareness and improve concentration. Our Mentally Well and Energy Playlists guides 2-10min mood-boosting breathing, high energy, strength and stretching activities specifically designed for student wellbeing.

School-wide health and wellbeing

Our health and wellbeing programs cater for the whole school community. The Health Breaks app has fantastic resources to support teacher wellbeing for their own personal wellness. School-wide health challenges create the perfect opportunity to support a connected, positive and inclusive school environment.

The Health Breaks app

Our goal is to help you support the mental and physical wellbeing of students and bring positivity to their day.

Health Breaks app has multi-media Health Pods with guided exercise and breathing activities to inspire people to take regular movement and breathing breaks for their wellbeing.

“Pods” include videos to guide the 2-10min break, image galleries of exercises, Pdf downloads, quizzes, surveys and more.

Our “Playlists” group Pods together to cater for all areas of student and school’s health and wellbeing.

Teachers are provided with access to their own account for easy access and delivery of class-wide wellbeing activities.

Home-room classes, assemblies, before and after-school programs and pre-exam times are the perfect time for school-wide health and wellbeing. 

Healthy and inclusive school communities

On Health Breaks app, the workload is taken off teachers. They can login to the daily active or calm Health Breaks curated on the weekly playlist.

School-wide health and wellbeing is encouraged with your own dashboard. The dashboard encourages students and class groups to earn a ‘Streak’. A Streak is points earned for consecutive days of completing a Health Break. The Streak leaderboard shows each class’s position, creating a positive and fun school program.

Step Challenges and other year level and school health and wellbeing challenges can be conducted through Health Breaks app.

Teacher and School-wide health and wellbeing

Schools can choose a student-focused, teacher-focused or an all-inclusive subscription, unlocking all of the content on Health Breaks app.

Health Breaks app has hundreds of Pods for teacher health and wellbeing. We know that teachers work under stress and have a high workload. Health Breaks inspires teachers to look after their own wellbeing. Teachers can take a 2-10min break to do something positive for themselves. Our Pods cover all areas of health and wellbeing: Body, Mind, Food and Social. 

Taking a regular short break for yourself creates more balance in your working day, helping you to boost your mood, focus and energy.  


Junior School, Senior School and Teacher health and wellbeing programs are available.

Step it Up


for your workplace or school

Help your people thrive in ’21 with a 30-day team and organisational challenge to boost health and positivity. Reach targets for steps, physical activity, healthy eating, sleep, positive mindset and water intake -using the Health Breaks app.