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Health Breaks Subscriptions put health and wellbeing in the palm of each individual’s hands with our digital platform and customised content.

We make it personal with our Health Coach support, Challenges and Live Health Breaks.

Choose a Subscription that works for you, from our cost-effective Playlist Subscription to our value-packed Premium Subscription.

Want to add your own content? No problem! Health Breaks works with you in fully customising your content delivery.

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Holistic health outcomes in all pillars of health and wellbeing – for mental, physical, nutritional and social wellbeing.

Health Breaks brings team members together through inclusive and positive experiences, enhancing cohesion and culture across the organisation.

Choose a subscription to meet your needs

Playlist Subscription

* Targeted health and wellbeing content
* Curated Playlists of 30 Pods updated monthly
* Live Health Breaks
* Health Breaks enews to employee inboxes
* Health Champ training & support
* Cost-effective solution

Premium Subscription

* Full access to Health Breaks Pods - 100s
* Organisation-wide Challenges
* Customised health promotion campaigns
* Live Health Breaks
* Health Breaks enews
* Daily inspiration and reminders
* Health Champ training & support
* Full value solution

Premium Plus Coaching Subscription

* All the Premium Subscription benefits
* 10 health coaching hours monthly
* Keep your team members thriving for high performance

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