Are your people

Find out the physical and psycho-social health risk score of your employees.

Your score will indicate the level of action required to keep your team performing to  its best.

Supporting workplaces to proactively create safe & mentally healthy environments so people thrive

Job task analysis

Ergonomic, physical and psychosocial evaluation of work-related risk factors - Physical, Mental, Social & Nutritional

Proactive & preventative action

Goal setting and self-care resources and tools for sustainable risk management

training & Sustainable Support

Personal risk reduction training, Mental health training for leaders, ongoing coaching and support

The Health Breaks Working-Well Model

Your people spend a significant amount of time at work. 

We believe the workplace; whether remote, onsite, a blend of both or mobile; should be where people thrive and prosper. 

But there is often the risk of mental, physical and social harm occurring at work. The move to remote working environments and COVID-19 uncertainty and stress has amplified this risk. 

Now, more than ever, proactive solutions are needed. 

The Health Breaks Working-Well Program assesses potential and actual risk and facilitates implementation of measures that prevent or minimise mental and physical injury occurring. Health Breaks has the added advantage of digital technology for anywhere, anytime health access, providing the perfect end to end solution for modern workforces.

The Health Breaks WorkingWell Model

1 in 5

Australians aged 16-85 experience a mental illness in any year

$6 Bill

The cost of work-related psychological injury to Australian organisations


The return on investment for every $1 spent on preventative employee health

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