Workplace Wellness Challenges

Our employee health & wellbeing challenges
build community and connection for a
positive workplace culture


Workplace Wellness Challenges are a great way to unite remote and onsite workforces because they build stronger teams.

When people feel challenged, results happen. When people work in teams, bonds strengthen.

As a result, when people feel accomplished and they share the experience together, workplaces thrive.

Health Breaks 50

Complete One Health Break a Day -first to 50 wins

Be Your Best 50

a 50 day organisational and team challenge combining step count, physical activity, and healthy habits for high achievers

Mindful Month

Enhance Mindfulness, positive perspective and presence in personal and professional life

Virtual Hike Step Challenge

We take participants on a Virtual tour of Spain on the El Camino Trail to increase physical activity and reduce sedentary patterns of work and personal life - an individual, team and organisation-wide journey

Daily Stretch and Mindfulness

A challenge to complete a daily live morning stretch and mindfulness practice to promote a positive mindset for optimal performance

Healthy Gut Challenge

The optimal health re-boot. Integrating diet with metabolism-boosting exercise routines, stretching & mindfulness activities & more. The personal, team and organisational targets keep everyone accountable.

Give Up - Give Out

Enhance a sense of gratitude and build resilience through a healthy sacrifice balanced with acts of kindness promoting a sense of purpose, meaning and presence

Zero to 5km Running Challenge

Inpiring action beyond the comfort zone for a sense of shared achievement

Mentally Well Month

Buddying up for healthy minds and bodies. Teams complete daily Health Breaks together to maintain a streak and participate in activities for bonus points along the way

Motivate engagement in healthy activities

Challenges provide direction, purpose and meaning, so that individuals and teams feel rewarded and supported to remain healthy.

Optimise social connection and company-wide cohesion

Challenges unite teams in a positive atmosphere that enhances employee interrelationships. Live sessions and team-building activities promote a sense of belonging.

Promote inclusivity

Challenges engage all sectors of your workforce through the team-nature and structured approach. This allows people to feel supported and guided in a non-threathening environment.

Improve specific health outcomes

Challenges are designed to achieve specific outcomes in mental and physical health. Health Breaks achieves this with its curated Challenge Playlists and online resources

Health outcomes for employees and workplaces: here is what participants are saying