4 family-friendly activities you can do to break up your work/study day

Has your house turned into a co-working space with your family members as your colleagues?

Remote working environments provide optimal flexibility for parents to meet both work and family commitments but the trap can be that the home turns into an ‘all work, no play’ environment. Lightening the mood and having some fun can enhance your family relationships and allow you to recognise that quality time with your family doesn’t have to be relegated to the weekend only.

Here are some health-boosting activities the whole family can do together.

Keeping it fun!

Add a 'play' element to keep it fun for the family. Let the Spinner decide which workout you will do. Click on the Spinner to make it spin. It will stop by itself and display the chosen workout. Complete one of the 4 workouts 1-3 times through - keep the music pumping and remember to laugh!

Flip a coin and the winner chooses the workout music. Perform 1-3 sets of this leg strengthening workout routine using this squat technique – bend at hips and knees, push out the buttocks and keep the chest up.

Use your stop watch on the iphone and hold these movements for the allocated time for a core strength workout. Complete 1-3 times through.

This routine can be low or high impact to suit the whole family. For the squat touches – keep them low impact by touching the ankles and raising to standing or jump up while raising your arms after touching your ankles. For the knee raises – low impact option is to step and lift the knee to the opposite elbow and the high impact is – add a jump in between knee lifts. You can also add a jump in between side squats to make them more high impact. Complete 1-3 times through.

This energetic routine can also cater for the low impact or high impact options. Simply add jumps in between squats, knee raises and heel flicks. keep the music fun and energetic.

The Health Breaks platform uses Spinners and other fun tools to keep your group activities fun. There is no doubt that activities that are fun to do are more likely going to be repeated – motivating people to stay active. Having a laugh with family and friends will enhance your relationships and improve the quailty of time that you share together. Contact Health Breaks for more details on how to encourage employees and students to participate in daily healthy activities that will support their mental, social and physical wellbeing.

Author: Kristin McMaster, Director, Health Breaks – encouraging employees to take a break for their health daily