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Health Breaks strives to help your people thrive at work and in life. We do this by providing mental health and physical wellness programs and services tailored to your workplace setting and needs.

Committed to creating
health-friendly workplaces & schools

We activate global and national health and wellbeing guidelines to help ensure your workplace or school supports the health and wellbeing of your people.

Access advice from employee health and wellbeing program and policy experts

Our team of experts help you review your workplace health and wellbeing status and collaborate with you to align employee wellbeing to every part of the working lifecycle.

Customising health & wellness to suit your needs

Our extensive evidence-based resources, digital health and wellbeing platforms, health promotion programs, coaching and workshops help you deliver effective programs to meet diverse needs.

We Develop Effective Health And Wellbeing Programs

Healthy Workplaces

Promoting positive work environments

Healthy Schools

Brain Breaks for mental and physical wellbeing

Flexible health and wellbeing programs made for your organisation

Employee health and wellbeing starts with policy and the environment. Our experts work with you to assess your organisational health status using national and international guidelines and frameworks. We partner with People and Culture Managers to help integrate health and wellbeing into employee onboarding, personal development planning and daily work-life experience. Our multi-dimensional and innovative employee health and wellness programs help you create a positive workplace culture and a place where people thrive.

keeping your people well for work and beyond

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How We Support Workplace Health And Wellbeing

Here at Health Breaks, our goal is to promote workplace health and wellbeing. We partner with businesses to create healthy workplace programs which are designed to support individuals and teams, encouraging them to thrive at work and beyond. Investing in workplace health and wellbeing programs will not only benefit employees, but the business as well. We use a combination of innovative strategies to champion the most effective wellness initiatives in the workplace. Developing effective health and wellbeing programs demonstrates your business’ commitment to your people and our programs are tailored to suit the needs of your workplace. Our workplace wellbeing initiatives are an important step towards keeping your team healthy, happy, present and productive.

Download your free Workplace Health Promotion Kit

This Employee Health Promotion Kit includes 70+ resources for the Pillars of Health: Body, Mind, Food and Social. The resources can be used in onsite and remote workplace settings, in company newsletters, emails and internal communications. Many have QR Codes connecting your people to proactive information and exercises to keep them well at work and beyond.

Download your free Workplace Wellbeing Calendar

Includes an annual calendar of nationally recognised health and wellbeing days for healthy employees and a positive workplace. Also includes links to information, challenges and activities to support important health messages and themes.

Download your free Employee Mental Wellbeing Guidebook

Includes resources and guidelines for creating and maintaining a mentally well work environment for your organisation.

Download your free School Health Promotion Kit

Includes 90+ fliers, infographics and resources for year-round health inspiration. A whole-school approach to mental and physical wellbeing.

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