Encouraging employees to take a short break each day to improve their mental and physical health.


Connecting employees and teams in non-work related activities for mental, physical, nutritional and social wellbeing. Proactive and preventative health has never been so important


100s of Pods on Health Breaks App for holistic health and wellbeing, accessible anywhere, anytime regardless of work arrangements


Live Breaks and company-wide challenges and campaigns optimise employee engagement across the workforce and boost health outcomes

2-10 Minute Health pods

An innovative solution that combines digital convenience with peer support for diverse workplaces.

mental wellbeing . physical health . nutritional health . social wellbeing

If you are concerned about the mental health and social wellbeing of your employees, now is the time to take a proactive approach. This will help curb the added stresses caused by the pandemic , preventing the need for crisis-management and boosting your teams' personal and professional performance.
Health Breaks' holistic and agile approach supports your organisation where it counts.
Because we care about your employee's wellbeing as much as you do.

Why choose Health Breaks?

100s of Healthpods

Pods are custom made to ensure your employees are engaged in a meaningful way.
Pods include narrated videos, Pdf downloads, image galleries, surveys, quizzes in all areas of health and wellbeing.

Employee Health Challenges

Team building made easy with organisation-wide health challenge for team engagement.
Team Captains champion the program at peer level for inclusive engagement.

Meaningful Health Outcomes

Our WorkWell Program evaluates physical, psychosocial and nutritonal risks that can cause ijury and illness to employees.
WorkingWell involves sustainable solutions for preventative health management, saving businesses the cost of lost productivity, workcover claims, absenteeism and employee turnover.

Helping workers thrive

Supporting employees to strive towards contunal self and professional improvements through goal setting programs
Inspiring employees to integrate health behaviours in every aspect of their lives for high performance at work and in life.

Health Breaks partners with your organisation to support company-wide and individual health.
We do this by placing vital tools in the palm of each person's hands while fully supporting them through our Live Health Breaks, Coaching services and Team Challenges

Supporting organisations during the COVID-19 Pandemic and beyond

Health Breaks is a fantastic program that has provided support to all of our staff at Kew Gardens, Banfields and Head Office. I thank Adam, Kristin and their inspiring team for shifting our focus to ensure we concentrate on a wholistic approach to our health. This has enhanced our ability to tackle the many challenges that we have faced at this time and helped guide us through it together implementing strategies to make our team more resilient and stronger than ever!

Edward Matthies

CEO, Australian Aged Care Group

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