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Health Breaks helps you keep your people healthy and well in any setting. Access mental and physical wellbeing, anywhere, anytime at your convenience.

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Access mental and physical wellbeing for employees, students and communities.
Help people thrive with short healthy breaks to keep them performing at their best.

Everything in the one place- Wellbeing with convenience

Connect your people to health and wellbeing resources at work, in school or at home.
Convenient and easy to use, allowing you to conduct inclusive and effective health programs.

Customised health & wellness to suit your needs

Choose from 100s of multi-media resources to create the best wellness program for your organisation.
Access innovative tools for tailored mental and physical health and wellbeing programs.

We Develop Effective Health And Wellbeing Programs

Healthy Workplaces

Promoting positive work environments

Healthy Schools

Brain Breaks for mental and physical wellbeing

Flexible health and wellbeing programs made for your organisation

Check-in to health and wellbeing programs and activities anytime, anywhere
with Health Breaks app.
Health Breaks helps people improve mental wellbeing for life and relieve stress.
For employees, this helps create a sense of work-life balance,
where work and wellbeing are one.
For students, this helps brains perform at their best,
boosting mental and physical wellness and skills for life.

Personalise your organisation's health and wellbeing program with Health Breaks - we connect people's feelings and emotions with actions
for the right solution at the right time.


Why Wellness Initiatives At Work Are Important for employee retention and attracting good talent

The workplace should be a place where people thrive and prosper on both a personal and professional level. As workplace health and wellness specialists, we focus on helping your team with work performance and ways to cope during uncertain times. Additionally, our workplace wellbeing initiatives are important for encouraging individuals to adopt healthy behaviours including being physically active, eating healthily, managing stress, and being socially engaged. For the physical and mental wellbeing of your team, healthy workplace programs are a must.

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How We Support Workplace Health And Wellbeing

Here at Health Breaks, our goal is to promote workplace health and wellbeing. We partner with businesses to create healthy workplace programs which are designed to support individuals and teams, encouraging them to thrive at work and beyond. Investing in workplace health and wellbeing programs will not only benefit employees, but the business as well. We use a combination of innovative strategies to champion the most effective wellness initiatives in the workplace. Developing effective health and wellbeing programs demonstrates your business’ commitment to your people and our programs are tailored to suit the needs of your workplace. Our workplace wellbeing initiatives are an important step towards keeping your team healthy, happy, present and productive.

Download your free Workplace Health Promotion Kit

This Employee Health Promotion Kit includes 70+ resources for the Pillars of Health: Body, Mind, Food and Social. The resources can be used in onsite and remote workplace settings, in company newsletters, emails and internal communications. Many have QR Codes connecting your people to proactive information and exercises to keep them well at work and beyond.

Download your free Workplace Wellbeing Calendar

Includes an annual calendar of nationally recognised health and wellbeing days for healthy employees and a positive workplace. Also includes links to information, challenges and activities to support important health messages and themes.

Download your free Employee Mental Wellbeing Guidebook

Includes resources and guidelines for creating and maintaining a mentally well work environment for your organisation.

Download your free Healthy and Active Schools Guidebook

Includes resources and guidelines for creating and maintaining a mentally and physically well school environment.

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