About Us

People Centered

Our Philosophy and Aims

Our vision is for health breaks at work to be a normal and expected aspect of business culture.

Our mission is for every employee to take one 2-10 min break for their mental, physical or social health each day.



Our employee health and wellbeing programs facilitate people to take action on their own terms with the best quality resources.



We believe that small actions completed daily have long term health benefits.


Self Directed Health

We believe in the theory that people who have choice and control over their health are more likely to adopt and adhere to healthy behaviours.



We believe that health involves an interaction between mental, physical, social and nutritional health.  Wellbeing is largely a state of mind determined by one’s feelings about their performance in these areas.



We are dedicated to forming long-lasting relationships with clients and are committed to co-creation of employee wellbeing programs.


Service excellence

We pride ourselves on our ability to act with agility in meeting the changing needs of current and potential clients. We develop effective health and wellbeing programs for our clients.

"We aim to champion participation in behaviours that promote the positive health of individuals and teams"

Health Breaks

Our Story

Health Entrepreneurs

We are the sum of decades of experience in the health sector. 

Our dedication to making a positive impact on population health at scale has inspired our  approach to making health accessible, simple and a normal part of every-day working life.

Your Partners

Shared goals - Our Process

Your whole workforce benefits

We onboard your whole workforce for anytime, anywhere access to health content to drive healthy breaks when and how they are needed. 

We deliver a customised health and wellbeing program that works for you. 

Our client dashboards provide vital data to drive our program and help your business flourish.

get to know each other

We undertake an analysis to understand your employee's health and wellbeing needs.

Co-create the strategy

We map out an employee wellbeing program including campaigns and challenges. We onboard all employees to the web-app for full access.

Personalised approach

Our health assessments and easy check-ins provide touch-point opportunities for personalisation and health outcome reporting. We provide insight to support your workplace wellbeing.

Our Leadership Team

Kristin McMaster


Masters in Nutrition, ICF Accredited Health Coach, Grad Dip Business Management, BArts Management, Diploma in Fitness, Mental Health First Aid, Cert IV Trainer/ Assessor

Kristin has an extensive background as a health and fitness entrepreneur, creating solutions that help drive health behaviour change at scale.  Kristin uses her extensive knowledge and experience to build trusting partnerships with businesses. She is dedicated to creating environments that positively impact on personal health and wellbeing.

Adam Douglas


Masters in Exercise Science (Strength & Conditioning), B.App Sc Education, Health Coach Credential, Cert Executive Leadership, Mental Health First Aid

With a passion for health & wellbeing, coupled with experience working with elite sporting teams across the globe, Adam has a proven record in ensuring individuals remain in peak condition. He works with organisations to develop high performance in the workplace, empowering organisations to achieve the same levels of success through combining elements of health, fitness and overall wellbeing.

We work with you

Let’s talk about how we can help make your business a place for people to thrive.