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We are passionate about making your workplace a happy and healthy place where employees love to be

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Health Breaks strives to help your people thrive at work and in life. We do this by providing mental health and physical wellness programs and services tailored to your workplace setting and needs. 

      Our Pillars of Health:

       MIND   .   BODY    .    FOOD    .    SOCIAL  

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Our health and wellbeing programs for employees offer health resources for workplaces that inspire positive wellbeing for your people and communities.


We help you inspire the people you lead to take action on their health and wellbeing by doing small healthy activities daily

Holistic health

Helping people look after their mental and physical wellbeing


Tailoring your health and wellbeing needs by providing high quality content and programs

Injury risk prevention

Helping to prevent workplace injury and illness to reduce absenteeism with our preventative movement and breather breaks


Providing tools to help people monitor their own health

Team challenges

Engaging individuals and teams to support a healthy and positive culture

Coaching and support

optimising individual and team performance through a range of coaching and training programs

Our experts work with you to assess your workplace health status using national and international guidelines and frameworks. We partner with your HR team to help integrate health and wellbeing into employee onboarding, personal development planning and daily work-life experience. Our  employee health and wellness programs help you create a positive workplace culture and a place where people thrive.

Gain valuable insights to help your people feel supported to live a positive and balanced life.

Checking-in on your health and wellbeing

Gain valuable feedback on employee or student wellbeing with our health surveys and check-ins.

Give your people the control to choose their own health and wellbeing activities and experiences at the times they need it most. Our health and wellbeing activities boost mood, help people to meet their movement goals and stay focused at work.

Help your people feel more energised, less stressed and more focused to perform at their best.

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Increased from 2.9 out of 5 to 3.6 out of 5
Step Count
Increased by between 64% and 87% within participating companies
Positive Impact
97% - 100% reported that participating in the Challenge had a positive impact on their health in participating companies
66% - 74% in workforce engagement in Step Challenges in September - October 2020
Healthy Eating
60% reported eating more vegetables throughout the program

We achieve meaningful health outcomes

Your workplace should be where people thrive and prosper on a personal and professional level. 

Health Breaks achieves success with our delivery of digital, virtual and onsite services. 

We have the positive health outcomes to prove it.

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Coaching & Consulting

Team Building & Challenges

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