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Register your workplace or school to promote team spirit and a sense of belonging while supporting the health and wellbeing of your people.
Help your teams join together with their colleagues and friends to step up to the challenge regardless of their location. Help them reach lifestyle health targets with the inspiration of their team.

Join in with your colleagues or friends

It's all about team work!
Gather your teams together, choose fun team names and your organisation is under way. Your employees support eachother to complete an average of 10,000 steps a day while striving to achieve other National health targets for bonus points.
Non-walkers can earn points through other forms of exercise, mindfulness, social interaction and healthy eating. All supported on Health Breaks app.
There's something for everyone!

Boost morale, inclusion and engagement

Nothing feels better than sharing experiences. Workplace challenges bring out the best in people and help you make work-life fun.

Helping to promote team and personal achievement outside of job performance makes employees feel more valued as people.
Valued employees are more likely to feel happy and be more loyal to their workplace.

Fully Supported on Health Breaks app

Our dedicated Team Challenge Playlists have everything you need to guide teams to success. Use our check-ins, fun Spinners and games, Stretch Routines, Energy Workouts, Pilates, Yoga, Mindfulness activities and gut-friendly recipes to earn your points together with your team. 

Use the Tracker to record your progress and view your Team and Organisation’s points status on your dashboard.

Healthy and inclusive work and school communities

On Health Breaks app, everything you need for your team challenge is on the one platform. Health Breaks specialists do all the organising and behind the scenes work. 

Your organisation will gain meaningful health outcomes and build a positive sense of community.

Organisation-wide health and wellbeing is encouraged with your own dashboard. The dashboard encourages participants and their teams to earn points for a wide range of activities that suit active and passive participants. Your Leaderboard shows each team’s position, creating a positive and fun program for all.

Individual, team and organisation-wide health and wellbeing

workplace health and wellness

Health Breaks app has hundreds of Pods for health and wellbeing. We know that people are under stress trying to manage these challenging times. Health Breaks inspires people to look after their own wellbeing. 

As part of our Team Challenges, participants are inspired to take a 2-10min break to do something positive for themselves. Our Pods cover all areas of health and wellbeing: Body, Mind, Food and Social. 

Taking a regular short break for yourself creates more balance in your working day, helping you to boost your mood, focus and energy.  

The Team Challenges are a great way to introduce people to the concept of self-care and taking time to boost their mood and improve their own sense of wellbeing, now and into the future.


Health & Wellbeing  Challenges

Our Team Challenges

Team Challenges on Health Breaks app can be customised and tailored to meet your organisational and cultural needs. 

Popular Health Breaks Health & Wellbeing Challenges include:

  1. Step it Up Challenge
  2. Healthy Gut Challenge
  3. Challenge Yourself: 30-Day fitness challenges
  4. Mindfulness Daily Challenge
  5. A Health Break a Day:  Streaks Challenge