Health Breaks Stories:
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Our clients share how using Health Breaks affects their wellbeing.

Here’s Kylie’s story


Health Breaks is on a mission to inspire people to integrate health and wellbeing into their normal work or study day. Rather than having to ‘find the time’ separate from work, school and Uni, people can weave healthy break times into their regular day whenever and wherever it suits them. With the help of Health Breaks app, we facilitate this daily practice. The app features something for everyone, whether it’s taking a 2 minute breather, performing a 5 minute stretch to relieve tension, learn something about healthy eating or performing a 7 minute workout, the resources are there and waiting.

As good as we think this is, just what is it like to actually do this?

We ask our clients to share their stories and here is Kylie’s.

Kylie Heinley is the Marketing and Sales Assistant at United Pacific Industries (UPI) and this is her story.

HB: Can you take us on your personal journey, and tell us about your experiences with the Health Breaks program

Kylie: I have always been passionate about health & wellness.  I truly believe that feeling healthy and physically well is achieving true happiness and when you feel this way you can accomplish anything.  Health Breaks is a fantastic initiative that has really helped to bring awareness to our physical & mental health within our workplace and at home, actually in every-day life.  I love that it is getting everyone in the office talking about health and normalizing the challenges that everyone is facing at this time.  It has really helped me to focus on all areas of my health not just physical, but mentally, socially & spiritually.  The program has given me useful tools to use to support my overall well-being.  This is a win for me. 

HB: What are the main benefits you felt with Health Breaks activities? 

Kylie: Whenever I am feeling a bit sluggish or stuck when I complete a Health Break especially the movement ones they have really helped me to refocus and feel energized.   It is a great way to break up your day.  Also when I am in the office and we start the day off with a Health Break this helps to bring a feeling of connection with our team and we all need connection at the moment.

HB: Have you noticed any changes in yourself and others since commencing the Health Breaks program?

Kylie: I definitely feel better within myself and I love that everyone is talking about and embracing the importance of our physical & mental health.  Even when I am not feeling the best or struggling, I know that I have the tools I need to help support me with all of the Health Breaks Pods.  The team have definitely responded well to this program and I love that our company are embracing this initiative.  It definitely adds to a bit of team building and a feeling of connection and the mood within the office is a lot more positive. 

HB: What were the highlights for you in the Mindfulness/Olympics Challenge?

Kylie: My highlight was the Olympics Challenge and specifically the squat challenge.  I love a challenge and it was definitely a fun way to get 100 squats into your day.  I would also dance to the music between the sets.  Moving your body is such a simple and easy way to feel great and get unstuck. 

HB: Has the program made a difference to the way in which you approach your working days?

Kylie: Yes it definitely has.  Especially since I am sometimes having to work from home and juggle home schooling too.  Completing a Health Break is definitely a priority.  Even though it is sometimes challenging to fit one in, I always focus on how I feel after I have completed one and working on changing that mindset around having to work, work, work and that breaks are important.  A small break in your day really has the ability to re-energize you and increase your productivity.

I would love to also say thank you to Kristin, Adam and the team at Health Breaks for their incredible support during these unprecedented times.  They have organised several online catch ups and run sessions for us.  They are very supportive and positive and we need all the positivity we can get at the moment.  


Thank you 

Kylie xx