Are you drinking more alcohol lately?

When so much has been taken from us and with no certainty in sight, alcohol can become that comforting friend…….how is this affecting you?


According to the statistics reported by the Alcohol and Drug Foundation (one of our valued clients), over the last few months a lot of us started drinking more than usual, and more often. There are many reasons for this including ‘filling the void’ that our lack of social freedom has imposed or simply using alcohol to escape the reality of our situation.

It’s relatively easy for drinking alcohol during the week to turn into a daily ritual and for your mind to tell you that you really do need a few glasses of wine. But here’s a chance to break the daily habit, if it has become one.

Firstly, here’s a few reasons why it could be worthwhile cutting back:

  • You will lose weight
  • Your immune system will be stronger
  • You will get better quality sleep
  • You will save money
  • You will reduce your risk of breast cancer
  • You will reduce your risk of 6 other cancers and several other diseases

“Going ‘cold turkey’ is difficult and not completely necessary for those who appreciate a small amount of alcohol. But reducing week-day alcohol intake can boost your work performance and make you feel more energetic to participate in physical activity and exercise as well.”

Set small goals –
Start by cutting out one alcohol day each week until it becomes just a weekend event.
We know it’s not that simple for some.

Plan ahead – when do you start thinking about alcohol – often this could be mid-late afternoon, while cooking dinner or when finishing work – recognise the cue and push through it. Getting through the ‘hump’ and over the other side often helps as the craving diminishes. Replace alcohol with other drinks like mineral water with lime and mint or an activity that distracts you.

Visit ADF website for more ideas:

Health Breaks can help you set small goals that tackle some of the underlying reasons that make you want to drink more. Partnering with someone who can work with you can be a better option than going alone. Find out moreabout the Health Breaks Coaching and Programs here

Author: Kristin McMaster, Director, Health Breaks – encouraging employees to take a break for their health daily