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Employee Health And Wellbeing Programs

Join the growing number of organisations who are investing in employee health and wellbeing programs to show your team that you care and help them to thrive.

Is it time to change your approach to employee health and wellness? Providing dedicated employee health and wellbeing programs should be on the roadmap of every company, regardless of industry. When your employees are happy and healthy, your business will reap the rewards through higher levels of engagement and productivity. For a business to thrive, you need your employees to thrive.

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Our Wellbeing Experts Work With You

Together, we can create the best employee health and wellness programs, tailored to your team’s needs. At Health Breaks, our employee wellbeing programs combine our innovative digital health app with health and wellness coaching, workshops and challenges in a fully customised setting. 

At the core of what we do, we strive to alleviate stress, improve physical health and provide ongoing support to employees. There is no doubt the COVID-19 pandemic has changed the way organisations do business. The same applies to the values of employees. In fact, employee health and wellbeing is now as important as the financial health of your organisation.

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employee health and wellbeing

Learn More About Our Innovative Employee Health And Wellbeing Programs

Help your employees maintain a positive work-life balance with our innovative employee health and wellness programs. We partner with your organisation to support company-wide and individual health. For anytime access, employees can check-in to our Health Breaks app which promotes employee health and wellness. We developed the app to make it easy for employees to check in with their wellbeing and adopt proactive healthy behaviours to support short and long term mental and physical health. Through the app, employees are able to build self-awareness for their own health management. They can do this as part of their normal work day, anytime, anywhere. We also work closely with your organisation to develop customised health programs including coaching services and team challenges to maintain a workplace culture that promotes employee health and wellness. These programs can be delivered via digital, virtual and onsite services.