Health Coaching

We do great things for great people

Digital health solutions for employee wellness are one part of the equation – people are the other!

Our expert team of Health Coaches work along side your people leaders to craft workplace health and wellbeing solutions that fit perfectly with your unique needs.

Health Coaching can help your Executives, leaders and employees in many ways:

  • for work performance 
  • for coping with the pandemic 
  • for adopting healthy behaviours
  • for getting back to exercise
  • for mental wellbeing 
  • for stress relief 
  • for diet and food guidance 
  • for relationship and communication support

We are Workplace Wellbeing Specialists

We become part of your team

Health Breaks goes above and beyond. We join your team from the inside and work with your people leaders to craft the most effective employee health and wellbeing program to suit your needs. Our wellbeing experts take the load off your HR teams.  We create end-to-end employee wellness programs that cater for diversity and inclusion in the workplace. Health Coaching supports workplaces by partnering with individuals and teams for their personalised mental and physical wellness.  We pride ourselves on our ability to build trustworthy partnerships, while being subject-matter experts in all areas of workplace health and wellbeing. 


We help you design
workplace challenges for a healthy culture.

From Mindfulness to Step challenges, we design inclusive challenges that cater for all interests and abilities to build a healthy workplace culture.

Supported by our app and health coaches for optimal engagement.

Gain the full benefit of the Health Breaks’ digital solutions PLUS valuable wellness expertise you can trust.