Looking after your employee's and your health during lockdowns

How to nurture yourself and others through difficult and uncertain times


No one can deny that the last 18 months has taken its toll on everyone in some way. The immediate and enduring impact affects our mental, physical, social and financial wellbeing. It’s no wonder people are using the word ‘languishing’ to describe this new widespread emotion being felt by most of us. A wilting, worn out feeling of helplessness.

Maintaining a focus on taking control of the controllable will promote improved mental wellbeing. As a team leader, business manager or owner, facilitating positivity amongst employees will support their mental wellness and also your own wellbeing. 

“Being a champion of positive mental wellbeing will normalise healthy behaviours in the workplace – whether remote or onsite”

Our state of mental wellbeing fluctuates according to circumstances in our environment and circumstances. Our reactions and attitudes towards our environment also affect our mental health status. As a team leader or manager, it’s important to remember that people’s mental health is no different to their physical health. We all know that we need to do things to maintain good physical health. This includes visiting the doctor when we are sick, taking prescribed treatments when we need to and adopting healthy behaviors like exercise and healthy eating to maintain our physical health. The same applies to our mental wellbeing. Encouraging people (and yourself) to speak with a GP when they are suffering mentally and to exercise or eat well to maintain their mental wellness is a good leadership initiative. Leading by example and adopting these behaviours yourself has a powerful impact on others who are influenced by you.

Health Breaks aims to ‘normalise’ taking short breaks for physical and mental wellbeing at work each day. The 2-10min breaks provide positive opportunities for employees to re-focus, relieve stress and tension and break the chain of negativity. Here is a 2 min experience designed for positive re-focs that Health Breaks makes available on healthbreaks.app

There are many challenges thrown at business leaders at this time and signs are indicating this volatility may continue into the coming year ahead. Leaders have the opportunity now to pioneer positivity by acknowledging the impact this is having on their people and themselves.

More information on healthbreaks.app and Health Breaks employee wellbeing solutions can be found here.