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Health Breaks Stories: Our Case Studies

Health Breaks Stories: Our Case Studies Our clients share how using Health Breaks affects their wellbeing. Here’s Kylie’s story HEALTH BREAKS Health Breaks is on a mission to inspire people to integrate health and wellbeing into their normal work or study day. Rather than having to ‘find the time’ separate from work, school and Uni,…
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Five reasons why taking healthy breaks at work are good for you

Short, structured healthy breaks taken throughout the day lead to short and long term health benefits.

Have you tried progressive muscle relaxation to relieve stress?

Muscle tension is commonly associated with stress, anxiety and fear as part of a process that helps our bodies prepare for potentially dangerous situations; the ‘fight or flight’ response. Ongoing stress leads to chronic tension, resulting in aches, pain and other symptoms like headache and a lack of focus. Often, we don’t even notice the…
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