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On the Hub this week – Energy

Welcome to Health Breaks 2022
June 22 - ENERGY

As we endure what looks to be a long cold Winter, let’s talk about energy. This is a broad topic that can mean many things. It could be seen as a measure – kilojoules, kilowatts, calories or fuel. It could be the way you are seen (“this person has negative energy”) or it can be the way you feel (“I feel full of energy”).

So, let’s break this down a little bit and start with your personal energy.

Your personal energy is about how you feel, how you think, your attitudes towards things in daily life, how you express yourself, how you behave, and how you are perceived.

You have the ability to emanate positive energy or negative energy. This is a choice you make each day and one that is in your control. It starts with mindset and ends in expression (words and behaviours).

Health Breaks is challenging you this month to bring more positive energy to your environment, at work and in life. To set you up, we challenge you to complete a few minutes of positive mindfulness or movement as the foundation for creating positive energy within yourself.

Try this exercise below this week. What energy are people picking up from you and what are you picking up from them? If you aren’t in tune, chances are you are not present.

This Mindfulness Centering Exercise brings you ‘back in’ to yourself, grounding you in the moment (physically and mentally). Take a few moments to regulate your breathing and your state of presence daily. A good time for this is post-lunch.

Stay tuned…. we will send you some positive energy experiences to practice each day.

How do you start your day?

Your morning rituals and routines can set the pace and mood for the rest of the day. Committing to healthy routines can help ward off mid-morning energy slumps and heighten your productivity through to lunch time and beyond.

Many people skip breakfast. They do this becuase they may not feel hungry, they may be rushed for time, or they fear weight gain. Studies show that not only can breakfast bump up energy for a productive morning, but it actually leads to weight loss. Yes, you heard right – weight LOSS. Why? Most people who skip breakfast end up ravenous later in the morning and feel the need to snack. The snack is often a high calorie muffin or maybe even mid-afternoon chocolates. Either way, skipping breakfast is linked to overeating in general. There’s also some evidence that breakfast kick-starts metabolism, setting you up for more energy expenditure and also more agile digestion. 

Try this quick quiz to see how your breakfast habits compare.



Create some positive energy with this Squat Challege.

Physical exercise that moves us out of our comfort zone promotes the release of positive-promoting chemicals that lift mood.

An extra bonus is – it will warm you up! You have to love that!

Repeating daily habits:

A Health Break a day is a small investment in positive long-lasting energy.

Set your time and commit – it’s that simple!

Health Coaching

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